If you haven’t updated Instagram yet on your mobile device, users now have the ability to see how many times a video has been viewed. Similar to Facebook, the photograph sharing platform with over 400 million users will have the number of views directly below the video, taking over where the number of likes usually is located. The idea is that showing people proof that eyes are on their videos might encourage them to share more video content. Despite having video capabilities, a majority of Instagram’s posts are still images. If you want to find out how many likes the video has, just simply click on the number of views and the app will take you to a separate window with the number of likes.

  • 1. Think visually

Content that uses mostly imagery is 2.5x more effective for engagement on social media, especially in a sea of text like Twitter. If you really want to get noticed, videos get the highest view ranking out of images, audio, and text, and in that order. Having high-resolution images and photos are also very important. Sharp photos and videos with good lighting are more attractive and are more likely to be shared. The goal is to produce high quality content with a clear message that people are excited to share.

  • 2. Personalize your messages

It’s not effective enough to just post content and hope it goes viral. Most viewers connect to content and share because they have an emotional connection to the backstory or the creator. Engaging with your viewers is going to make you stand out and add the human element to a faceless piece of content. Remember it’s about engagement, retweeting, replying, favoriting, and sending personalized messages to your viewers. Gary Vee, the digital marketing mastermind with dozens of talks on marketing methods that work, suggested video responses quickly as a reply sometimes instead of a tweet, even for someone as busy as him. Don’t be surprised if you have a customer for life after doing that.

  • 3. Use headlines and make them pop

A viewers attention is more valuable than gold on the internet. Your viewer is going to spend a nanosecond scanning, not reading, your content and decide if they want to continue reading. A headline gives them a quick foreshadow of what the post is about. It’s also effective to use a number in the beginning if you have a list of items or topics, or an active verb in the beginning if you want someone to take action such as buy or subscribe.

Use subheadlines if applicable

See what we did there? Here there are two paragraphs, which appear like an eternity in posts. Add a subheadline to break up the visually bland blocks of text. Think of headings and subheadings as little anchors that maintain your viewers attention. They also help boost your SEO ranking based on Google’s newest algorithms.

  • 4. Stay consistent with your images

Your branding is something you should take seriously. A lot of young businesses underestimate the power of this and are still perhaps trying to find their “image”. We’re going to save you the heartache and advise you pick a theme and stick to it. You should be consistent every chance you get, especially visually. This means your logo, slogan, #hashtags, the color scheme in photos, lighting, and font design should all be similar whether you’re posting on your website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. Brand recognition is important for your credibility and will help identify you if they’re repeatedly exposed to your brand.

  • 5. Use the 25/75 rule for sharing content

A lot of people believe that you have to have a lot of content to carry weight as a company. While this is kind of true, it’ actually better to have less content but it be REALLY GOOD content and get it into more hands. For example, spend 1 week producing a great blog post, infographic, photo spread or whatever you desire, and spend the other 3 weeks finding new people and sharing it. According to master blogger Derek Halpern of Social Triggers, this is a better use of your and your company’s time. Also, it helps your SEO since it redirects organic links back to your website which means people come back to your site through other peoples shares or on their own.

  • 6. Don’t address negativity

It seems like such a gratifying move to bash the customer or random troll on social media. Who do they think they are, coming to your page and trash talking, whether it’s true or not? But these are the moments that will define your brand. You should use social media to build your credibility. If you can quietly delete comments, do that. Use your best public relations tactic. The way you handle bad press will be remembered more than any of the good faith you have put in to your company so far. It’s best to under all circumstances consistently use a positive and pleasant tone.

This new feature may not matter to the average user, but for content creators, it is a metric that can be used to determine how their content is doing compared to other video sharing platforms like Vine, YouTube and even Facebook. Advertisers will also be very interested in this new analytical update. Similar to Facebook, Instagram registers a view every time any video has been watched for at least 3 seconds.