If you haven’t updated Instagram yet on your mobile device, users now have the ability to see how many times a video has been viewed. Similar to Facebook, the photograph sharing platform with over 400 million users will have the number of views directly below the video, taking over where the number of likes usually is located. The idea is that showing people proof that eyes are on their videos might encourage them to share more video content. Despite having video capabilities, a majority of Instagram’s posts are still images. If you want to find out how many likes the video has, just simply click on the number of views and the app will take you to a separate window with the number of likes.

This new feature may not matter to the average user, but for content creators, it is a metric that can be used to determine how their content is doing compared to other video sharing platforms like Vine, YouTube and even Facebook. Advertisers will also be very interested in this new analytical update. Similar to Facebook, Instagram registers a view every time any video has been watched for at least 3 seconds.