Over 10 years we helping companies reach their financial and branding goals. Onum is a values-driven SEO agency dedicated.


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With decades of experience, we know how to help you grow. We offer expertise across various business sectors and have extensive experience working in these industries as a full fledged agency

Higher Education

You're always running out of time and not enough days in the week? Seyfmark is here to help! We are a marketing agency that understands your daily demands as a community college or university's PR professional. Our goal is to eliminate some of your stress by handling those pesky tasks on your never-ending to-do list, because there just aren't enough hours in the day. When it comes to content marketing, website redesigns and creatives to name a few, Seyfmark is your go-to agency!


We recognize that digital marketing is critical to your law firm's success. With most cases originating from the web, an integrated and aggressive campaign is needed to increase the number of cases that your law firm acquires.  We know how important it is for you to grow as a business – this has been our focus with years of experience managing llegal campaigns in every area imaginable! Let us help guide you through today's ever-changing world of advertising so that you can provide quality service without breaking any budgets.


Working with organizations that help make the world a better place is an extremely rewarding achievement. Working for non-profits may not always get the big headlines and awards, but it's work like this that makes their teams and companies most proud.  We understand at times there will be limited resources, which can sometimes lead to low ROI in raising funds or generating revenue; however we'll do whatever necessary to ensure your organization has maximum returns on investment (ROI).

Home Improvement

Let us build you a new web strategy that will generate leads for your home improvement company. When we work with customers, they see our commitment to their success and the time spent customizing solutions just right for them. Get the phone ringing and your company growing with our new marketing strategy! We will work closely to understand what you want for a home improvement business. Once we know, then we can help create an online campaign that generates leads through increased website traffic.


We'll create a bespoke digital marketing strategy that will help you reach your target market and build a lasting rapport with them. By owning the tech stack, we can drive down user acquisition costs while increasing conversion rates so that leads are converted into customers at an affordable cost to grow your business. Seyfmark will help you grow your SAAS company with digital marketing strategies that work. With our expertise in new media, we can use the latest tools to create a real-time personalized and localized experience for customers from which they’ll want to buy!

Small Businesses

We know your team is looking for a company they can trust to outsource the crucial role of generating more business on the web. Our experienced and well-trained staff has helped thousands of small businesses generate leads, so you're in great hands with us! We pride ourselves on providing our small business clients with as much care we do larger ones. Driving growth for a business can be challenging - which is why it's important that when searching around for an outsourced partner, only those who have been proven over time will suffice!

An Agency With a Forward Focus on the Future

Seyfmark is a specialized agency. We specialize because it allows us to move fast and focus on what matters: helping clients grow their pipeline, rather than just pushing out products into the world with no regard for why or who they’re attracting.

Marketing is a very broad topic, and we are experts in it. We have experience working across various industries from tech to healthcare.

The best marketing agency for your business needs is right here. We provide a wide range of expertise across many industry sectors, so you know we can handle whatever project comes our way with ease and professionalism.

We work closely with companies in all industries — from retail chains to manufacturing firms — helping them improve sales strategies through our research-driven content marketing services by utilizing data analytics of past performance as well as insights gained from over 10 years experience working within these organizations themselves.

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