Over 10 years we helping companies reach their financial and branding goals. Onum is a values-driven SEO agency dedicated.


Let's Create a Website That Will
Envy Your Competitors

We will work with you to create a custom web design that reflects your business’ values and vision. From our deep experience of working on hundreds of websites, we bring valuable insight into what works best for businesses like yours.

The Team That Makes it Happen

The Seyfmark web design team has a combined experience of over 30 years in the industry and we have been designing websites for clients large and small since 2012. We specialize in creating custom solutions that fit your needs, whether you are an individual looking to get online for the first time or a business owner with multiple locations.

Our mission is to help our clients communicate their unique personalities through their websites. We are focused on usability and customer service, while also guaranteeing that your website will be found online.

We'll Make a Website to Fit Your Needs

We have options that cover all bases, so you get the best of both worlds. Do you need something simple like an informational site? Or do you want it for e-commerce purposes or are looking for social media integration as well? Whether its just one page with some information on it or if there’s lots more content and videos involved – we’ve got what your business is trying to create!

Impeccable Web Design Services

Your website design and development has the power to define your online presence. Your success in business depends on how well you can leverage simple changes that will have far-reaching effects for years to come!

The world is a changing, and people have come to expect more from their business. The way in which you present yourself on the internet has become increasingly important as time goes by. Customers are wise beyond measure and they will choose who they do business with based solely off of your digital footprint; so it’s up to us marketers to make sure our clients’ websites are optimized for all platforms!

Seyfmark has been leading the web design industry for 10 years because we provide a better service that always delivers superior outcomes to our clients.

When you need a website for your business, the professionals at Seyfmark will work with you to design and develop one that fits best practices in your industry. We’ll keep up communication throughout development so there’s no surprises when we show it off!

Contact us today and our expert team will review your account, provide you with a strategy, timeline, and forecast that includes competitor strategy for free. We can get you started immediately! Call now at (855) 386-0307 to learn more about how we’ve helped other businesses just like yours in the past.


Our Partners

Our Web Design Process

Our goal is to provide you with the best design experience from start to finish, and we can do that by providing a personalized service.

We have a team of professionals who will work with you to create an efficient web design that suits your needs. With our focus on customer satisfaction, we can ensure that every penny spent is worth it and yields the business results desired.

Our in-house creative team is ready to get started on any size project – no matter how big or small it may be. We have over 20 years of combined industry expertise so rest assured knowing that you’re getting top quality work when choosing us as your web designer.

Your site’s success largely depends on its search engine optimization (SEO) or google ranking position which gives customers more insight into who they are dealing with and where their money goes if they make a purchase online.

🧠 Analysis

In order to get the best results, we want to understand your needs and goals. To do this, there’s a questionnaire that will help you identify what's important for us as well so we can map out an approach tailored specifically for you. Once our analysis is complete, it'll be time to put together plans! We then send them over in writing with timelines and objectives.

🏢 Team

In order to make sure you get the best possible design, Seyfmark assigns an account manager and project-specific team members who will work with you throughout the entire process. Your designated contact person is there from start to finish; they'll keep our designers on scope for your specific needs so that we can create a finished product unique just for you!

✍️ Design

We want to make sure that your vision is OURS too! We will provide wireframes, mock-ups and copy drafts every step of the way. Once you are happy with our proposed design we’ll move on to development.

🛠️ Development

When you come to us with a vision, we will make it happen. Our designers and developers work together in order to develop your website into all that you dreamed of! We'll take care of every last detail so the final product is something for which we both can be proud. Once the development stage has been completed, our team moves on to deployment where they build out quickly-accessible content management systems as well as easy-to-navigate features such as call tracking web pages or form submissions from visitors.

🔍 Testing

We can't wait to see your website live! We'll be sure it's 100% operational before we publish so you're ready for launch. We will test your website before it goes live to ensure that all pages load quickly and without any errors.

🚀 Launch

Hooray! Your website is now launched! 🥳 With Seyfmark's team to provide ongoing maintenance and world-class SEO, PPC services, you'll be able to focus on your business without worrying about the little things. This will leave you with plenty of time for marketing and sales so that all aspects of the company are running smoothly!

Responsive Design is Crucial

You want to make sure that your prospects can easily access your website on every device. If you’re not considering a responsive design for your website, it’s likely that you’ll be missing out on 68% of the internet traffic.

Responsive web design is the best way to give your website a global reach of customers and potential clients around the world. It provides a more user-friendly experience for visitors who are viewing your site from their mobile device, tablet or desktop computer screens.

Mobile traffic is increasing across the globe, and mobile-optimized sites are a necessity to capturing that growing market share.

In other words, if you have not yet taken your business online or simply want to improve its visibility on the web then responsive design is an investment worth considering as it can deliver better results than traditional websites for less money and time spent designing.

Also when people search Google they will find your site easier.

Responsive design will have an immediate impact on search engine rankings since Google prioritizes sites that provide content in an easy to use format across different devices by giving them higher ranking positions than those that do not offer such functionality.

Which CMS Should you Use?

The Seyfmark website design and development company has the expertise to help guide you in selecting your next platform. We actively review, evaluate, provide feedback on effectiveness of leading CMSs (content management systems) from top providers such as WordPress or Joomla!

Seyfmark is a trusted web agency that provides strategic consulting services for our clients’ digital marketing needs. Our team takes pride in being experts at evaluating all aspects of content platforms including SEO-friendliness, mobile compatibility and security among others before recommending one best suited for their business goals

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