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Use the Power of SEO to Increase Your Enrollment

Finding the right college is a challenge for most students. For many, it’s not about size or tuition cost; they’re looking for something much more intangible—a sense of community and belonging that can be hard to find when you’re on your own. Thankfully, there are tools like Seyfmark Search Engine Optimization strategies that make this search easier by helping prospective students connect with schools in ways other than just browsing their websites.

More than two-thirds of all prospective students now use online searches as part of their decision process – making an effective presence within organic results imperative if success is what you want if you want enrollment growth. 

Our advanced methods push boundaries around how traditional marketing strategies work for colleges and universities all over the world with our efficient use of data-driven analytics which make sure you’re up on what’s happening when it happens.

As the world of higher education continues to evolve, SEO has become a key strategy in marketing. When we put our technical ability and human psychology expertise together on your school’s website, it becomes more visible for prospective students and generates more qualified applicants who are genuinely drawn to your institution’s personality.

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How SEO Impacts Your Marketing Efforts

The right SEO strategy can help you increase enrollment! A good partner will show you how to rank on Google, and explain the importance of mobile-first indexing. They’ll also fix any broken links that could be preventing people from learning about your school’s offerings.

You’ve got your heart set on launching a new academic program? We can conduct the keyword research to see how students are searching and help you position yourself at the top of search results. How many enrollees do you need? We’ll build an effective strategy so that we maximize your numbers!

SEO is the new frontier in digital marketing, and education institutions are taking notice. The value of SEO isn’t just boosting your university’s website rank for target keywords– it can actually guide prospective students to you before they even know what they want or need from a school. Today this matters more than ever.

We have a team of professionals with many years in the industry. Our emphasis is on measurement so we can guarantee effective marketing techniques, and to be certain that our clients are receiving optimal results from their higher education SEO efforts

The one essential thing that we can provide for your higher education SEO needs is traceable results – anything digital-marketing related has performance metrics which means you’ll know if what you’re doing achieves more visibility or not. 

We’ve got over 12 years experience managing online campaigns, driving traffic to websites through pay per click advertising strategies like Google Adwords and social media platforms such as Twitter.

What We Look For When We Audit Your Website

To rank high in search engines, you need to do more than just have a website and content. You also need your site’s contents to be indexed by search engine crawlers such as Googlebot or BingBot. 

To identify which elements of the site are preventing this from happening, an SEO audit is essential! These audits help schools like yours reveal what needs improvement with their websites so they can start ranking higher for all those important keywords that drive traffic into your website. 

The process of SEO is notoriously difficult, with all the different components that go into it. It’s important to take a holistic approach when approaching this task in order to create an effective strategy for your website.

When conducting an audit, it’s important to have a background in SEO. Otherwise you might miss out on crucial structural nuances that could be hurting your site like slow page load time or pagination inaccessible by search engines.

With each audit, we meticulously comb through the ranking factors to identify technical issues. To save time and maintain accuracy in our rankings, this process is broken down into four sections: on-site SEO, backlinks analysis, keywords research for content creation purposes and competitor keyword discovery.

The audit can be a long process, but it’s worth the effort. Once we’re done with an audit, our clients will have everything sorted out in order and ready to go!

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Higher Education SEO Competitor Analysis

Comparing ourselves to the competition is a key part of any research process. To make sure we stay ahead, it’s important for us not only to be aware of their strengths and weaknesses but also have some sense about how they see themselves so that we can craft our messaging accordingly.

When conducting seo competitor research, we analyze three major components:

-What our competitors are doing right now to rank well for certain keywords.  

-How these actions affect their organic search visibility and what this could mean for us if they keep it up in the future.  

-The kind of content that is ranking intelligently across different websites so that we can look at what types of posts do better than others on other sites as a way to improve ours!

The insight we glean from this information lets us know which areas may need strengthening. We then benchmark our internal audit against each competitor with tangible data that shows their keyword count, content types and where you compare to your competitors.


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Our SEO Process

Higher Education SEO Process
🧠 Strategy

We want to get right into the thick of things, analyzing every aspect of your website for any issues that could be affecting SEO. We'll know everything about your business and industry as soon as we're done so our team is ready with keyword research, link building strategies, and outreach plans. Once all this analysis has been completed; we come up with a game plan for your campaign.

💡 Strategy

Websites across the world are always in competition to rank first for a search engine, but without an effective marketing strategy this can be hard. After gaining insight into your school and what they're competing against through thorough research we create personalized strategies designed specifically for you that won't only increase traffic rates but will also boost conversion rates as well. From keyword tracking campaigns tailored just for them to social media outreach campaigns custom-tailored by our team -we have your best interest at heart!

🚧 Implementation

The strategy has been set and now we're ready to execute! Our copy team will create engaging, keyword optimized content that speaks towards your branding. Our developers will crawl the site for any duplicate text, missing elements on pages or other issues which can cause lower rankings. The link building team will reach out to websites with high domain authority in order to secure a backlink where they're most relevant.

✅ Alignment

When you work with us, we'll assign a team of specialists to help. You'll get regular phone chats and bi-weekly updates about the process from your Account Manager! They're going to be there for everything so it's like having an extra pair of hands on deck.

📈 Reporting

We've created a one-stop shop for all your needs. Our team is always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to make life easier, whether it's through our cutting edge reporting tools or by tracking each member of our in-house staff with high end software, we're ensuring that you know what's going on at any time - from anywhere! With efficient communication methods built into everything we do (including real time document sharing), there are no more worries about being stuck wondering how something was completed or what your latest metrics are.

Higher Education SEO Process

How We Show Results

You deserve to know what’s happening with your SEO campaign, and we don’t want you investing in something that isn’t working. That’s why our team provides a detailed report of the success of your SEO campaign.

A website’s success is in the hands of its owner. We make sure you have accurate information about your site to help with decision-making and increase conversion rates.

Our reporting system is perfect for tracking your SEO campaign! You’ll never have to worry about missing a detail, or not being able to access information.

We know that you’re too busy running the show and we want our customers’ time spent with us to be as beneficial as possible so in addition to providing world-class service on all of our campaigns, we also offer an online reporting system which allows clients 24/7 access at their convenience.

We want to work with you in the future on your website’s performance. We will have scheduled phone calls where we can discuss our findings and go over how we can be able to improve it.

If you have any questions or concerns following the overall SEO process, please do not hesitate to contact us at management@seyfmark.com! We’re committed to providing accurate information about how well your website is doing so that you can make informed decisions in order to increase traffic/conversion rates.

SEO Consulting For Community Colleges & Universities

Seeking to take your institution from the bottom of Google’s search results? Seyfmark has 18 years experience in getting colleges and universities where they need to be on top. With our help, you’ll see an improvement in visibility and more enrolled students coming through! Get a consultation today to help you make the grade on your SEO.

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