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Higher Education
Solutions & Services

Transform how you deliver services in order to advance your mission. Modernize the way that your institution operates by providing innovative customer service through digital channels and improving administrative processes.

Web Design & CMS Solutions

Your website is a critical tool for the marketing of your school, so our team designs sites that have an on-message and professional tone.

We believe in designing a strategy with design on message to elevate school perception for every project we do, from start to launch. Not only are our sites built around CMS platforms but they also prioritize accessibility and easy maintenance so you won’t have any worries even after all of this is complete! Don’t worry about being able to see results as soon as our work is done either because we’ll always keep an eye out for numbers along with making sure everything works seamlessly.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What are your chances of getting enrolled in a university if you can’t find it? With the increased number and range of services for college search, prospective students may miss out on learning more about programs or student life.

Seyfmark’s SEO experts will ensure that your webpage’s position is high enough to be seen by those who need it most – so they know what they’re missing when looking at other colleges.

Content Strategy

At Seyfmark, we don’t just want your school to stand out. We want it to lead the way with all of its content!

Our team provides you with professional assistance throughout each step in this process so that you can spend more time creating a quality product for students and less time trying to figure out how everything works behind the scenes.

Digital Marketing

We help colleges and universities recruit the students they need through a digital marketing strategy that includes conversion optimization for prospective students who have reached your website but haven’t enrolled in school yet. 

With our higher education expertise, we pay attention to the prospective student journey focus with personalized messaging to each prospect and transparent approach. We report on the progress towards goals at every stage of the process (such as weekly reports), so you can be assured that we’re keeping up-to-date data so you know where this campaign is trending.

At Seyfmark, our team helps colleges & university recruit new student populations by meeting them where their attention currently lies.

User Research

At Seyfmark, we love turning your marketing data into tangible results. Our team of designers and analysts are experts in user experience design who will work closely with you to understand the needs of prospective students, current students, alumni and then recreate them across multiple channels as part of a cohesive story that drives leads right where they want it most: on your site!


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Onum has increased our traffic, keywords, and conversion. We’ve enjoyed working with them and consider them a strategic business partner.
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